Faqs > Getting Connected With a Suitable Job

How do I get listed for the suitable jobs?

Teamglo has a dedicated team working for getting suitable jobs on the platform. Our AI-driven and human vetted process keep showing suitable candidate for the job to the clients, your detailed CVs are shared too.

How long will Teamglo take to provide a match?

Teamglo will start referring your profile as soon as you are on-boarded with us. Somehow, our clients take the final call whom to hire, which may take approximately 2 weeks.

What if I won’t find a job matching to my profile at Teamglo?

If you are an expert in any of the domain for which we hire, you are getting hired soon. Sometimes, it may take a bit longer than usual as some other factors rather than skills are affecting like culture fit or process fit, but we are constantly working to get projects from different clients with different cultures and process.

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