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How does the Teamglo vetting process work?

Teamglo has a rigorous vetting process which includes automated coding tests and HR interviews. If you are an experienced in domain, clearing these steps would be easy for you.

How long will it take Teamglo to share feedback on application?

You will get a feedback within 24-48 working hours after successfully clearing our technical assessment.

How does the pre-screening process done at Teamglo?

We aim to hire top talents for our global, our screening process is automated AI and human driven which help us to evaluate your skills and expertise.

If you are an expert at your domain, you will find the screening process easy and interesting. We have designed our vetting process to hire highly skilled developers, once you are hired with us, you don’t need to look back. A lot more earnings and opportunities to work on your way.

It may take upto 4-5 hours nut totally worth taking your career new heights.

What if I fail in the vetting process?

We won’t be able to take your application forward if you can’t clear the test. However, if you want to retake, we can facilitate you for the same. You will need to start from the beginning every time you take new test.

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