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What is Teamglo’s payment structure like?

Salary will be credited as per fixed monthly and earlier agreed in work engagement agreement. We hire for long-term and full time hence we don’t follow hourly basis pay for the developers.

We offer our developers stability and opportunity to earn more than current market pay.

When will my salary get credited in Teamglo

Salary is generally processed on the 7th of every month and you should receive it within 3-10 working days from then, depends on the bank’s rule.

In which currency I will receive my salary?

It will be INR

How much tax does Teamglo deduct?

Teamglo doesn’t deduct anything; you get what you agreed for.

How much does Teamglo pay remote developers?

Developers at team glow are top talent and thoroughly pre-screened and deserve to be paid more than current market pay. We almost pay on an average of 1.5 times more than what they are
earning now. Apart from attractive salary we offer long term and full time projects for stability.

Are there any deductions on my salary?

Teamglo doesn’t deduct anything, you get what you agreed for.

What additional benefits will Teamglo provide me?

Teamglo right from the start, we offer you the best compensation than others, we create the
opportunity for our developers to work for top clients. We make this possible as early as within 2 weeks of successfully on-boarding with us. We will keep you getting worked for long term and full time projects only. We believe in creating stable career and better earning opportunity for you.

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