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Why Teamglo is better to hire remote developer than other platforms?

Teamglo offers easy, faster and FREE hiring process. You just need to share your required skill or skill set and we will show you list of matching candidate or teams as per the need. All the candidates on our platform are pre-vetted through smartly designed Automated and Human-driven test series. It may take 24 hours to get your new team member through Teamglo if you are ready with specific skills required. If not ready yet, not to worry, connect with our technical expert to figure out what’s the best solution for your project.

We also offer a week’s free trial, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the work in 1st week of hiring, we will find eplacement for you as quick as 1 week. There is no charge to be paid work done during trial period if you decide to terminate the current developer and zero termination fees.

However, we have AI driven system, read your requirement carefully and connect you with matching resource. 95% of times, our clients continued working with 1st hired employees and average hiring time was 48 working hours. So let’s get started to find you a reliable and skilled developer to take
your project 1 step forward.

What is Teamglo’s data privacy policy?

Our privacy policy has been created keeping our clients’ concern keeping on mind of giving access to our clients over time tracker and other related. Read more details on Privacy here.

Are there any recruiting costs?


How does the free trial period work?

We want you to have win-win collaboration with our skilled developers. However, sometimes
developer faces difficulties in culture fit. So we offer you a FREE trial period of 1 week, if you are not satisfied developer’s performance we shall refund you 100% amount or offer replacement which might be a better match. It will be your call which option to choose.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with Teamglo’s developer?

You won’t be invoiced for the trial period in case of discontinuation. We will find you a replacement who could be a better match.

Are Teamglo developers fluent in English?

We conduct a few rounds of the interview before getting developers on board. We get to evaluate
their communication skills and proficiency in English. They are pro-active communicators, easily understand your business requirements and present their views. Language is not going to be an issue for any clients on our platform.

How does Teamglo vetting process ensures quality candidates that meet my requirements?

We perform thorough vetting process to evaluate developer’s domain-specific knowledge,
communication skills, personality and high level of professional attitude. Only a few % of developers pass through this systematic screening process.

Our AI and human-driven process helps us to determine the candidate’s skill and proficiency,
portfolio reviews, technical coding challenges and communication skills as much as suitable for your requirement.

Where are Teamglo’s developers located?

We have team of 500+ remote developers working from INDIA.

Where do Teamglo experts work from?

The majority of our developers work from their own home, office or co-working space.

Is it possible to bring Teamglo expert on-site?

Our developers can work for you remotely; there will be no need to get them on site. They are
efficient and reliable.

What if I don’t find a match for my current requirements in your Talent Cloud?

We have developers with us from most of the current technologies, still if you don’t find a perfect match allow us 1-2 weeks of time and we shall come up with the suitable candidate for you. We
need to make sure the candidate matches with required skills set and suitable for your culture-fit. We respect your waiting time, but we believe in providing the top talent.

What happens if a Teamglo expert is unavailable for the days or times they are scheduled to work on my project?

We will try to make sure that doesn’t happen in the first place. Our developers are highly
professional and experienced enough to understand dependency and how that can affect the entire project. We take all the possible measures to ensure that our developers are available and reliable for your project as per commitment. However, in extreme unavoidable situations if such situation takes place, Teamglo will not charge for that specific absent time period.

Who is legally authorised to have rights over the work created by a Teamglo developer?

It’s the client. Teamglo only helps to bring Job and perfect match on the same platform for a win-win collaboration. Developers are available to help with technical work, nothing to own any intellectual property. Our agreements state that all the work created by our developers, is the property of respective client, not Teamglo or our developer.

How do you ensure us about protection of our IP?

Teamglo is very keen about protection of your IP and intellectual properties. We get the agreement signed with each talent we hire on our platform to ensure all the legal rights over created work stay with clients only. We may intermediate to transfer all the intellectual properties, but ownership will be yours. In case, you want us to enter in any agreement from your side, let us know we will make
sure your needs are met.

What is the payment cycle and process?

We follow Monthly cycle, once you hire a developer from our platform you will be paying monthly cost. In case of not satisfied with the performance in 1st week, we will refund you the full amount.

Payment methods?

We accept payment through Bank wires & Strike.

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